Ash II: Shadows

Ash II: Shadows is the follow up to the highly praised 2010 JRPG Ash. Like the original it's a classic, turn-based RPG. The world of Aghaus is once again in peril and you must team up to save the day. Ash II is already winning positive reviews, with praise for its cleaner UI and detailed, HD sprites, and particular acclaim for its story. This pics up immediately where Ash left off and many familiar faces return with major roles in the game's plot. One change is that the game is now being published in chapters, with five more on the way: the first reportedly lasts about five hours. You can either buy the Gold version of the game, which gives you all main storyline future content for free, or the Silver edition which gives you the second chapter free and a discount on extra content. There will also be a Bronze version that gives you the first chapter for free.

Many players are recommending playing the first Ash so you get a sense of the story, but you could also have a look through its strategy guide to get an idea. There are significant changes from the first game: random battles have been completely eliminated, so there's no grinding possible. There's also a map and a journal system, and GameCentre and OpenFeint achievements. Tap to move or select the d-pad game controller in the options menu.

Genre: classic JRPG
Platform: iOS universal
Character: pre-defined characters Nicholas and Damien
Story: original, deep narrative
Gear: armour, weapon, shield, accessory
Sidequests: n/a
Treasure: hidden loot, monster drops
Features: future chapters, non-essential DLC
Grinding: none
Links: Appshopper
Official site
Official forum
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