Avernum: Escape From the Pit

Avernum is the iOS remake of the classic 1999 Spiderweb Software RPG, itself an update of the original 1995 Exile game. It's the first game in a series of six, and is possibly the largest, best classic RPG title yet made available for iOS with dozens of sidequests, a huge outdoors, and eighty towns and dungeons. Graphics are crisp with isometric, turn-based combat. Harder battles need some strategy and tactics, or you can switch the game difficulty level down and just hack-and-slash through.

Extensive customisation is available for your four party members, so you can play a pure class or a mixed class, and also choose to play a cat-like race or lizard-like race, which have different benefits and weaknesses from human characters. For those wanting to jump in quickly, pre-configured characters are also available. Gameplay is estimated at 30+ hours and there is zero grinding.

Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iPad
Character: Party of four: name, race, gender, appearance, class, skills, traits
Story: Fighting for freedom or safety in the underworld of Averum, multiple endings available
Gear: weapons, armour, jewellery, artifacts
Sidequests: dozens
Treasure: quest rewards, monster drops, chests
Features: different questline choices, tactical combat, difficulty settings
Grinding: none
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Official site
Official forum
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