The Quest: Hero of Lukomorye I, II, III, IV

These are expansions for The Quest by Redshift, and they are all incredibly detailed, fully-featured classic role playing games. They can all be played as standalone games, but to play them in sequence is a lot more fun, plus you can keep useful items from earlier games, including The Quest and its other expansions. You can also continue to teleport to locations in the earlier games if you install them all through the main app. Hero of Lukomorye delivers new monsters, new spells, and new, superiorly enchantable weapons and armour, and features such as treasures hidden in wall-cracks. You can also restore lost XP. There are a total of five chapters produced, with the first three out for iPhones. There is wonderful support and feedback at the Catacomber forums, including walkthroughs and maps. The games so far are:

Hero of Lukomorye I: Siege of Zlatograd
The game takes you to the country of Lukomorye, which you have to save from hordes of Savirs and the evil Kozney the Deathless. You'll meet a lot of regular NPCs at the School of Magic, where a tonne of items get given out for free at the start (presumably to help new players who didn't have items from the previous expansions). There are 30 main and side quests.
Recommended level: 22.

Hero of Lukomorye II: Tainted Blood
In this chapter you are crippled early on by stat-reducing diseases (a deliberate nerf to stop the game being easy) but you get cured by the end. You'll probably want to enchant up a lot of stat-raising gear to counteract this. You'll get help from all the regular NPCs who are now at Redshift University. There are 44 new quests. Some may be worth not completing, so you can keep the amazing items you were supposed to deliver ;)
Recommended level: 32.

Hero of Lukomorye III: Stormy Seas
There are 52 quests in Chapter III, which also introduces a whole host of hostile creatures including mandrakes, ents, tigers and crocodiles. There's a new Healing ability, and you still have to track down Kozney the Deathless.
Recommended level: 38.

Hero of Lukomorye IV: Death to the Deathless
Chapter IV has around 60 quests and lots of new monsters. You join the Tzar for a final assault on the fortress of Kozney the Deathless (will he ever die?!) You also learn "Silvergirl's deathless secret".
Recommended level: 45.

Hero of Lukomorye V: Island of Buyan
Chapter V has around 50 quests and lots of new monsters. Just as you thought you could enjoy your honeymoon on the beautiful island of Buyan, you learn its prince has been assassinated, and the artifact providing the island's ancient defense of invisibility has been blown up. It's up to you to save the day.
Recommended level: 61.

Genre: Classic RPG
Character: name, gender, portrait, class, skills, spells
Story: interesting, original storyline, exotic places
Gear: hundreds of unique weapons & armour
Sidequests: dozens of quests per chapter and numerous puzzles
Treasure: loot in dungeons, monster drops, quest rewards
Features: books to read, card minigame, moral choices, puzzles, mazes, riddles
Grinding: none
Links: Appshopper: Hero of Lukomorye I
AppStore: Hero of Lukomorye I
Official site: Hero of Lukomorye I
Catacomber: HoL I forum
PDAGround: HoL I forum

Appshopper: Hero of Lukomorye II
AppStore: Hero of Lukomorye III
Official site: Hero of Lukomorye II
Catacomber: HoL II forum
PDAGround: HoL II forum

Appshopper: Hero of Lukomorye III
AppStore: Hero of Lukomorye III
Official site: Hero of Lukomorye III
Catacomber HoL III forum
PDAGround: HoL III forum

Appshopper: Hero of Lukomorye IV
AppStore: Hero of Lukomorye IV
Official site: Hero of Lukomorye IV
Catacomber HoL IV forum

Appshopper: Hero of Lukomorye V
AppStore: Hero of Lukomorye V
Official site: Hero of Lukomorye V
Catacomber HoL V forum

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